September 19, 2019 - ArtCube Ghent, Belgium

Gears 19

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Building products for the future
Gears is a conference for people with a passion for software who think beyond their boundaries. This year we'll dive into what the next wave of immersive products and services will look like. How will you craft the next product that will transform our world?

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Jasna Rokegem

Founder at Technology & Design studio Jasna Rok

Jasna Rokegem is an award-winning young and energetic pioneer combining innovative fashion and cutting-edge technology.

Jasna Rokegem

Sander Hoogendoorn

How thinking small is changing software development big time

Our world changes at an increasing speed. Things that weren’t possible 5 years ago come into reach. Incumbents need to adapt to match start-ups.

Sander Hoogendoorn

Jeroen Minnaert

How and Why Showpad moved from Monolith to Microservices

Showpad’s journey from Monolith to microservices. What issues did the company encounter, and why did they made the choices they did.

Jeroen Minnaert

Patrick Debois

Beyond the devops pipeline

Patrick Debois coined the word ‘devops’ in 2009 by organizing the first Devopsdays event. He organizes and speaks at conferences all over the world.

Patrick Debois

Gaurav Kotak


As the Director of Product Management at Showpad, Gaurav leads the global product management and design team.

Gaurav Kotak
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From product design to UI/UX to AR/VR: What is buzzing in the sector? Where are we heading?


The DevOps landscape is constantly changing, from bare metal to cloud to spot instances, kubernetes is here to stay, but what comes next?


Your specs and design are on paper, your pipeline is set up, it’s time to code! What is the latest and greatest in the dev community?


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ArtCube, Ghent
Gears is Ghent. So we chose a unique location with a refreshing, creative and artistic quality which is representative of our theme for Gears 2019.

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