Gears 19

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DiversityDiversity and inclusion in the technology industry are subjects that are close to the heart of Showpad’s engineering team. We value fostering a diverse and inclusive technology industry because it is the right thing to do. If that isn’t a strong enough argument, then having a diverse team and diverse representatives have proven again and again to create better products, foster a better work environment and, if you need the business case, to improve the bottom line.At Gears we are committed to making our events more diverse and inclusive. The industry must work harder to bring marginalized voices to center stage, inclusive of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, ability, sexuality and neurodiversity. We commit to sourcing diversity in our speaker and content lineup for all Gears conferences: inclusive of gender, age, ability, sexuality, and neurodiversity.We actively seek a more diverse audience by engaging with our community. We work with our delegates ensuring diverse teams are sourced, sought for, and represented onsite. We structure and share our marketing materials to ensure we foster diversity and promote its fundamental tenets and benefits to all actors in the ecosystem.We safeguard the onsite experience for all of our attendees through ensuring our Code of Conduct is respected and that our show floor, activities, and breakout rooms are designed with everyone's needs in mind. We acknowledge our failures and share best practices openly and honestly. We strive to foster an open dialogue with our community and will continue to evolve our events with your feedback.AccessibilityWe aim to ensure that our venues are accessible to everyone. If you have any enquiries about any specific venue, please do not hesitate to get in touch.