Julie Foulon

Presentation of MolenGeek, a tech incubator and a Coding School based in Molenbeek

MolenGeek is a Tech ecosystem based in Molenbeek, Brussels, which has been created in 2016 by Ibrahim Ouassari and Julie Foulon. 

It's MolenGeek's mission to give accessible new technologies to all. They focus on people without academic background, IT skills or jobs (NEETs). In short it's a Coding School to acquire IT skills in order to become a full stack developer during a 6 months intensive program. It hosts events such as a hackathon to develop new ideas. On top of that it's also a factory which develops applications and websites for companies. MolenGeek is a stepping stone to existing organisations that helps entrepreneurs, the Tech ecosystem and the entire startup world.

About Julie

Foulon is the community builder and founder of Girleek.net, a platform which talks about new technologies for women. During 3 years, she was the Managing Director of BetaGroup, the largest tech community of Belgium. After 1 year as Community Leader of Start it @kbc Brussels she co-founded MolenGeek.