Nikolas Burk

How GraphQL empowers frontend developers

GraphQL immensely boosts productivity of frontend developers. This allows for faster development and iteration cycles. However transitioning an entire backend to GraphQL is quite a bit of work. A common solution for this problem is to add a GraphQL proxy layer on top the legacy API. In this talk, Burk will explain how frontend developers can take owernship of a GraphQL API layer.

About Nikolas

Nikolas is a GraphQL enthusiast working at Prisma. Before he worked as an iOS instructor at Make School in San Francisco. 

Nikolas is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. After university he spent 3 months at the Recurse Center in NYC to functional programming. Today he enjoys giving workshops and talks about GraphQL and various programming concepts. He's also one of the core maintainers of the How to GraphQL fullstack tutorial website and co-organizes the GraphQL Europe conference.