Aron Wils

How can corporates make a positive impact on society?

Corporate social responsibility on the one hand, innovation and technology on the other are often seen as totally different topics. However, they are a perfect match and empower each other. Learn why these two are a good match. This talk will illustrate how a corporate can have a positive impact by using a well-suited CSR-strategy. How it can totally fail and have a negative business impact when it goes wrong or how it improves your brand image. 

There will also be a look at what the future will or can bring in this regard. With new emerging technologies on the rise, this can be a huge opportunity for businesses to use these disrupting technologies for societal purposes.  

About Aron

Wils is Corporate Affairs Officer at Samsung Electronics. This analytic and strategic thinker is driven to push companies and organisations in achieving better results by creating a societal and political impact.