Roderik van der Veer

The Blockchain Landscape

A technical overview of the current blockchain landscape: what types of blockchain are around, where do they differ or shine and what are their drawbacks? And how do you get started with a specific blockchain technology?

About Roderik

Roderik is CTO & Co-founder of Settlemint, bringing Blockchain solutions to your business.

Roderik van der Veer is a technologist in heart and soul. After building and managing large digital transformation projects for a decade, he was bitten by the fascination for the blockchain technology and the promise it holds. He is a regular public speaker on Blockchain technology and passionate about innovation and the technology to do so. SettleMint delivers the shortest path from a business idea to a blockchain based product. The SettleMint team bundles decades of experience in development and finance together with an in-depth and practical knowledge of blockchain technologies and use cases.